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The Bullger Centro Project by SuperLimão Studio

The center of São Paulo is characterized by the diversity of surroundings of diferent natures that we can find. Between boardwalks and viaducts, the sometimes inhospitable or chaotic scenario can offer a momentary welcome in a safe environment. And why not with chips and mayonnaise apart?

Designed by SuperLimão Studio

The entire store operation, geared toward its improved efficiency in on-demand flow, supply and maintenance, sits on the curb with the curbside attending the growing delivery application orders.

The in-store flow, guided by self-service and fulfillment systems, makes the customer-centric expierence free-form. The table, sofa and booth systems derive from modular metal structures that desconstruct through the hall, interconecting the floors by a triple ceiling with natural light. The structures are also support for suspended deposits interspersed with vegetations in plastic boxes that help in the air renewal in space.

Upstairs, the opening of the treetop facade favors the view of the avenue, which from an unusual point of view overlooks the hypnotic waves of the brises of Oscar Niemeyer’s Copan Building.

Yet the facade mimicked between walls and railings flirt with a contrast of the spontaneous exterior language and its openings that exposes the bowels of this almost unlikely oásis.

The collaborative work of the graffiti artists Theodoro Autops and Raphael Barcelos brought this dialogue between design and the unique aesthetics of the streets of São Paulo to the project. The facade art features the new BULLGUER® logo typography in a fully stylized texture filled with urban writings (Tagging and Graffiti) done free handed by artists with spray paint.

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