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CCD's New Work | Humanistic Territory — Sheraton Shenzhen Nanshan

Since ancient times, preeminent talents have been inseparably related to the lands that nurtured them. Located in Xili, Nanshan District, University Town of Shenzhen not only provides a free academic, artistic and humanistic environment, but also attracts Sheraton to settle in, which is the first international hotel entering this area. With such a humanistic setting, the hotel offers a spiritual habitat for the metropolitans.

Through comprehensive analysis of the surroundings, architecture, landscape and interiors, CCD utilized a holistic approach to define the urban "bleisure" hotel. Design elements extracted from the architectural blocks are utilized to the spatial layout, so as to add a sense of three-dimensional structure to the space. Moreover, lifestyle elements are also applied to the interior design, making the hotel more relevant to daily life.

Entrance and lobby: landscaped courtyard

CCD has imagined the design based on "mountain, water and cloud". The entrance yard is surrounded by bamboos, with the waterscape in the middle, which is as clear as a mirror. The art installation "Nebula" at the gate spreads out above the water, presenting a new look of Oriental yards.