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CCD Newly Presents: The First Canopy by Hilton in Asia Pacific Region

The interaction of ancient and modern, the mutual penetration of art and life, the compatibility of local and world, all of these has created the rich texture and unique impression of Chengdu. It is not a surprise that Chengdu has always been ranked at the top for the charming cities in the world for many years. The first Canopy hotel in Asia Pacific – Hotel Canopy by Hilton Chengdu City Centre is located in the city that is customer-focused that emphasized on the experience of 'body', 'heart', 'senses' and 'enlightenment'.

The design of the hotel blends Chinese and Western charms, intertwined with old-fashioned feelings and vitality, elegant and unconventional style, bringing guests a lively Chengdu style and the comfort and warmth of home.

Love of Chengdu, Memory of the Imperial City

Chengdu, the starting point of Silk Road 2000 years ago, during the time of Ming Dynasty, on the southwest of Tianfu Square was the imperial city of the Kingdom. Looking from the city wall, the city is full of blue bricks, tile houses, and courtyards, there are street hawkers on the old streets selling their products, and when the sound of ancient temple bells spreads, adding an ancient charm to the city of Chengdu. After a series of historical changes, during the reign of Kangxi Emperor and Qing Dynasty, the Imperial City was converted into a "Gong Yuan", which is a site for the imperial examination.

Located in the heart of the city's central axis and across the bustling landmark of Tianfu Square, Chengdu's Hilton Landmark Hotel is within walking distance of many cultural highlights including the Chengdu Museum, People's Park, Qingyang Palace, Kuanzhai Alley and Chengdu's largest temple, Wenshu Yuan Monastery. Excellent location links to local neighborhoods, allowing guests to easily integrate into local culture and experience the most authentic Chengdu life.

Scholars go to the city for the imperial exams

The design revolves around the story of "the scholar goes to the city to take the imperial exam", traversing the memory corridor of the imperial city, capturing the auspicious details hidden in the green brick wall, on the street view of the market, in the peddler stall and the courtyard. The history of the hotel has been reconstructed, while exploring and re-writing the new story of the Imperial City memory.

Reception lobby: cross the city wall, entering the imperial city and start the journey to the imperial examination. Along the roadways, with green bricks, grey tiles, wooden doors, bronze rings, street hawkers, and oblique sunshine, guests would seem to see the scholars walked toward the direction of 'Gongyuan'.

The unusual experience would definitely be Canopy's greeting to Chengdu's chic opening, which is artistic, and courteous. The first floor reception hall is designed as an art exhibition hall, creating a humanistic space under the artistic conception. Up to 9 meters in the reception lobby, recreating the historical streetscape of the old imperial city. The streetscape of the past is vividly displayed in front of the guests, under the large art installation of the roof, to open a dialogue of time and space. The chair hanging in the elevator hall is a reproduction of ancient 'Gongyuan' scenes by modern artistic techniques.

Canopy Central on the 31st floor is a brand-name public space, including reception area, lobby bar, all-day-dining restaurant, lounge, multi-functional conference area, transfer lounge, where is dedicated to provide a place for guests who have to stay for a while to check in after arriving at the hotel or check out, they are free to wash, temporarily store their luggage and rest.

Diversity and openness are the characteristics of this place. Designers introduce the concept of ancient markets into the passionate and energetic Chengdu culture. With exquisite observations and historical memories as the inspiration, the design combines the imagery of the East and the West, the past and the modern scenes of the city.

The furniture and artworks of different shapes and styles are ingeniously balanced, the color and story is balanced with free and vivid vitality, and the guest can feel charm of Chengdu is everywhere. A bamboo chair of Dayu Shi, a chessboard, a cup of tea, are all narrating the leisure on the streets of Chengdu.

Canopy's unique brand color - bright orange has been applied throughout the designto bring guests a positive and beautiful life aspiration in the elegant walkway to experience the vitality and fashion. The panda in front of each guestroom in different poses, sitting or standing, or lying, or holding a book with a room number in his hands, as if they are welcoming the owner to go home and making people feel interesting and warm.

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