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Memento enhances and encourages the use of our five senses highlighting their physical interaction with the surroundings without the help of advanced technologies but focusing entirely on human experience. It has been designed to improve the empathic approach between user and product: this is why it presents a trapezoidal profile that translates the very first purpose of the writing desk (during the Middle Ages it was used for writing important manuscripts and documents down, used as a secret box or a personal space to work on) in a structure that creates a personal, safe and emotional space. The shutter gives it interesting configurations when opened or closed, front-side or back view. It is built to be scrolled down outside the structure of the desk, to be seen and not hidden in another compartment.

The back of the shutter is made with eco-friendly leather, a sustainable, colourfully, soft-touch and light material. The structure is made by natural oak, a very smelly, strong and touchy wood, meanwhile the interior accessories, divisors and extra-space, designed to improve the customization and create a personal identity, can be lacquered or covered with a thin layer of eco-friendly leather, in different colours as well. The turned legs are inclined to improve the stability and with their thinness it is like they want to support something important and fragile.

The object has the characteristic of reviving and rediscovering the historical and emotional memory of the writing desk, reinforcing and highlighting the empathic connection between man and his surroundings. This purpose makes Memento aesthetically compatible with the traditional image of a writing desk but with a greater attention towards materials, historical values and sensoriality, and a more modern vision of its use in a contemporary living. Indeed, to meet the most diverse and current needs, typical of a different way of living that we can define nomadic and multi-functional with increasingly smaller domestic spaces, Memento is designed with compact dimensions and can be entirely dismantled and easily transported with its low weight.

With Memento the memories of the past re-emerge. Its simple and elegant lines represent a timeless icon.

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