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Batard Bomonti by URBANJOBS

The place where Batard Bomonti is located was a space previously designed by URBANJOBS; while re-designing the same place, the new employer requested an old-looking concept, which does not feel like a newly-built atmosphere and indeed looks like as if it has been there for long years. The design process has been launched considering the necessity of building an up-to-date atmosphere also bearing the French influences.

Individuals residing in that district were selected as a customer profile; the place was aimed to serve as a local pub where people can easily come, have fun and spend quality time.

URBANJOBS set the motto of “genuine” design in the entire design process of Batard Bomonti. Recently we see more copied as the social media contents gradually forge ahead in design nowadays. Adopting an approach contrary to this, UJ produced each detail genuinely. Batard Bomonti has become a place full of genuine details.

A generally bohemian outlook was aimed in the design of the place, accompanied by a more elegant view. In addition to this, it was also aimed to arouse interest of those fond of design, making them think how the large shelf units and details were mounted, fastened and built on.

There were distinctive criteria URBANJOBS observed in the design of the space, with the awareness that the tiny details substantially affect the overall ambiance through the holistic approach adopted by UJ. To exemplify, door hinges were adjusted so as to ensure the automatic closure of the entrance door and to create the desired bohemian impression. Therefore, the door opens freely without any piston while entering into the place, and automatically closes when released. UJ endeavored to address each sense separately, as the place must appeal to five senses, rather than only to visual sense.

The distinctive character of Batard Bomonti is that it was designed as an ambiance in harmony with the food and beverage served, so as to pass the feeling of vintage. Another significant attribute is that the place embraces a holistic design approach. URBANJOBS showed ultimate attention not to go overdesign during the whole process of designing. It was accordingly attempted to present an artisan design by planning a space full of genuine details and exhibiting well-built installations. Another aspect considered during the design process was to experience the space as if you were sitting at each table there while the ongoing phase of design. The desired ambiance was achieved by minimizing the elegant details, basing on a holistic approach taking a look over each corner of the place. In this sense, the place was entirely parted and divided into its components with a deconstructive point of view and merged once again thereafter. With this way, all furniture, both fixed and mobile, disperse in sight together with the ceiling, wall and floor, and then reach a proper integrity, once remerged.

It was proven by the feedbacks of both the employer and the users that the objective of serving the same taste and experiencing the same ambiance regardless of the seat in Batard Bomonti was fully accomplished.

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