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Etiler Doğuş Center by URBANJOBS

"Turkey's biggest startup" GETIR with 1,200 employees has an office area of 1,600 square meters on two floors in Etiler Doğuş Center.

In order to provide more innovative and flexible office space for the employees of GETIR HQ, employers held a competition with the specific brief and timing.

In this brief, approximately 350 square meters of the 1,600 square meters was allocated as "The Village Square". This area was explained as the founders and employees are in the same place without any hierarchy in the startup spirit. The competition process ran for 1 month, videos and visualizations were also presented. Especially the progressive ideas behind "The Village Square" was set forth by URBANJOBS. After winning the competition, the design process was launched.

"The Village Square" was demanded as a multi- functional area to be used for meetings doing pilates, holding concerts where employees can easily chill and socialize.

There was a bit challenging thing about this brief: The founders and employees to exist in the same environment with transparency. While providing privacy for the founders, it should also be ensured that employees feel themselves comfortable.

According to the assembly area planned during the design process, we defended the formation of "The Village Square" within the platforms. Following the convincing process, construction began. An area of approximately 110 square meters was settled as platform. Detachable sofas were set on the platforms. Simple chairs were hung on a profile of 6 meters stretched between columns. Various suspension devices were considered for the chairs and the most suitable design was used. A station location was determined for the demounting of the sofas. Hanging chairs were taken by the employees and it was planned that everyone place their own chair on the platforms. A highly serious rhino-based study was conducted on the platforms., An order was determined so as to prevent the chairs from falling especially when placed and to maintain the distances between them. It was planned to allow seats minimum for 100 people The dimensions of the platforms were determined according to this number as well.

The target of the employer was to create a space to present the young, dynamic and strong stance of GETİR, which would impress both the employees, potential employees and collaborators, and the demands of the employer were clearly evident. At the beginning of the design process URBANJOBS visited some of the 70 available GETİR stores and had the opportunity to observe the process from the order to delivery., The design process continued by recognizing the brand better. URBANJOBS, tries not to obey the colors of GETİR, especially in the entrance area and in the general areas in the selection of used material color, particularly used different colors in wet volumes. Contrary to expectations, a different color scale was made. The area of ​​110 square meters of ​​350 square meters only with platform in the area of ​​land Village Square, was designed in color. Black, white and gray tones were used as neutral in other spaces apart from this area. The platform area is a dynamic place that can change constantly with both sofa layout and lighting, which is open to different scenarios. An area was formed to be worked in the work hours where the projection screen can be opened during the presentations and the chairs can be lifted and turns the atmosphere into a presentation space where chairs can be placed. Moreover, the space is also available for doing pilates and holding concerts out of the office hours, as well as happy hours in Fridays.

As GETIR HEADQUATER's distinctive feature , it can be said that an open office system complying with the different use scenarios for the first time in Turkey was established in which everything from plants to lighting and sound system gathers together in a total innovative and flexible way together with all employees and founders within a quicker, intimate and enthusiastic working area.

We received feedbacks that an office area where the employees easily reach each other in a quicker way without losing time, was successfully accomplished, by increasing the mutual working environments and switching to open air practice in the new space designed by URBANJOBS.

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