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Single family home by Vitale

As its main starting point, the intervention has a four-storey building between party walls from the 1950s, which shows a narrow, very long

rectangular floor. The location and layout of the rooms has been completely redesigned with respect to the original dwelling, which had a secondary use as nursery in the ground floor. The natural light problems were resolved by creating a generous inner courtyard in the central area to accommodate the new staircase, and which has now become the main area.

Designed by Vitale

The interior design project implemented involves the rooms on the three main floors (about 225 m2). The owners stipulate that the room design

places functionality above all else, with a contemporary, welcoming design that adapts to your tastes and lifestyle. The lighting plays a special role, as does the practical nature and design of the furniture, all customised for the project.

The previous project, completed by the architect in charge of the restoration, establishes a façade designed with an enveloping ceramic work created with angled surfaces, a concept that extends to the inner courtyard. The procelain Lightwood sample from Living Ceramics, used as a covering, is a quality wood that has also been introduced into the home as a general flooring.

White and neutral tones dominate the project; stone, beige and earth colours contrast with wood to create an inviting, natural, serene


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