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Sample Office for Poly·Future Metropolitan by CUN Design

Nowadays, futuristic office design, which goes beyond conventional unified office design, has become one of the most fast-growing global office revolutions and it demands more capacity and faces more requirements.

Designed by CUN Design

Photo credits: Wang Ting

Future Metropolitan, part of “Metropolitan” project of Poly Real Estate, is located in Southern future science park in Changping District in Beijing and it’s the first complex built on the subway in a science park in China. Also, these sample offices we design have become a new-generation agglomeration of headquarter office, united office and creative office. The reason why Poly (Beijing) Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. chooses CUN寸DESIGN is that the latter can break conventions, redefine spaces and re-organize them.

Usually, offices were initially built for management but later, they have gradually been designed like cubicles. However, with the development of the times, people have new requirements for “office landscape”and ask for “mobile”office.

Space design only requires to create a space image but design of office, a place of “data” connectivity, is different. In the office system CUN寸DESIGN has set up, our analysis of every area in office is based on workers’ behaviors or activities in the limited space in modern offices, namely on how employees at different levels in internet companies, emerging companies and traditional companies work .