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AROMA DREAM by DDDD Creative Studio

The project "AROMA DREAM" is an enchanting place for Thai message and spa. John Sun, the principal of DDDD Creative Studio, approached the design in a way quite different from the previous commercial projects. Based on the community-based real economy model in China's first-tier cities, the designer focused more on incorporating the community’s humanistic environment into spatial experience, and tried to let customers enjoy traditional Thai massage in an unconventional Thai massage space.

Designed by DDDD Creative Studio

The project is located in Shekou area, Shenzhen, China, where business and community coexist. The pace of life in Shenzhen, the young city, is really fast. In contrast with the surrounding noisy community, AROMA DREAM keeps a low profile. After opening a dark-green door beside the street, the interior light instantly adjusts to a comfortable brightness for eyes, fragrance of lemon grass overwhelms noses, and the patter of rain and soft classical violin music run into ears, making the customers feel like they are traversing the jungle and entering an ancient rainforest.