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Perky Store Gramado by That Design Company

The Perky Shoes Company brings their shoe concept of smoothness and comfort to the charming Brazilian South Hills. The first PERKY STORE in the new franchise model opened in Gramado, one of the most famous travel destinies in Brazil.

To Bring to life the brand core in this 57m2 store required a new approach than the original Perky Store, but keeping some elements to maintain the same essence. Part of the furniture remained the same like the comfortable puffs, the illuminated shelves system and the Kids Window Display with the wooden hooks, the backpack strips and the positive massages such as LEVE (Smooth), GENTILEZA (kindness) and ALEGRIA (joy). Also the package area was reinvented so the experience of personalizing and making your own gift packages was preserved, including the unique gift paper, stamps, colored strings and, of course, the old typewriter so youngsters could experience writing a message without the DELETE button.

The store needed a new versatile furniture system the idea was to display both shelves and hooks in a variety of positions, allowing retailers to choose different layouts according to the retail season or collections needs. Layers of wood connected by iron tubes that allowed hooks, shelves and even baskets to be hanged so products of many different sizes could work together as a family in the hierarchy of the exposition.

The store is filled with metal tubes that seem to "walk around" allowing retailers to hang ropes and products in a set of interactive aerial systems so the hanging products could easy be replaced or rearranged so the store would look alive and Always fresh with something new for the shoppers.

The PERKYDS area, dedicated to the little ones is always a highlight in retail design. With a set of furniture in shape of trees offer kids their own tiny forrest fairy tales corner of the store, where they can interact, try on the products and even take pictures with the classic wooden animals all custom made for this store.

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