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Athens-based studio LandmArch. Architecture introduces a new hotel typology, entitled ‘ZEN MINIMAL LUXURY HOUSING’. Through this smart housing complex project and its conceptual balance between architecture, nature, mind and spirit, they bring into life the meaning of “Zen”, that of being in a total state of focus incorporating a total togetherness of body and mind, thus to say, feeling peaceful and relaxed.

Designed by LandmArch.

Photography by Dimitris Kleanthis

While the previous situation of the hotel was characterized by a 120 square meters multi-cabin structure of a total twelve, separated, rooms apartment (seven private bedrooms, one shared kitchen, three shared bathrooms and one main office), the new design promotes functionality, privacy and comfort.

This is achieved by creating three individual and fully private apartments of 54, 27 and 27 square meters each, placed strategically to generate natural lighting and ventilation, turning it into a property destination noted for its flawless architecture and its immediate relationship with the picturesque, surrounding landscape.

The biggest challenge has been the one of saving as much space as possible, while creating clean forms, fully comfortable and welcoming. The inspiration rooted to the Japanese and Scandinavian minimalistic approach of interior place-making.

The first step has been the placement of all storage areas, which are perfectly integrated in the design in a way that makes them both invisible and accessible at the same time. The second gesture of place sparing included the idea of mirroring.

The two smaller apartments are located back to back so that each one is the mirror image of the other. This gesture does not only help save as much space as possible, but also created the perfect circumstances to a more accessible and time saving working environment while under construction.

Materials, scale and lighting vary from area to area. The main background color is white, both on the brick walls and the pavement, the last one made by epoxy resin. This creates a relaxing atmosphere which is strengthen by the wide openings, which bring in the natural Mediterranean sunlight and emphasize the surrounding nature towards Mirtoon Pelagos and Mount Parnonas. Multi colored minimal-patterned, luxury furnishing, selected thoughtfully from Greek and Scandinavian firms, provides liveliness and a spicy touch of form and color contrast.

A tailor-made multi furniture of graphite iron and waterproof wood is created to divide one area into three distinctive ones, the living room, the office and the kitchen.

All bathrooms carry their own character. Their walls are colored with earth palette shades of green and blue made from forged cement, while their floors are made of polished grey concrete with a hammered texture, adding a warm feel to the space. Jacuzzi is provided in all of them for a luxury sense of detoxification.

All three apartments are about to host people from around the world and introduce them to the new way of Greek hospitality and home telling.

The rest of the amenities are all characterized by high-end, eco-friendly technology, both for minimizing energy losses and maximizing option availabilities.

Located in the coastal area of Tyros, “ZEN” is embraced by the unique pastoral, rural and savage scenery of the mythical Arcadian landscape. The combination and coexistence of the crystal clear waters of the Argolic Gulf, together with the monumental mountain of Parnonas, also known as the “Holy mountain of Kronos, the leader of the Titans and father of Deus” provide a majestic destination to explore and enjoy.


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