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H4 by Felix Pöttinger Design

„h4“ is a new coffee machine experience developed by the German designer and Royal College of Art graduate Felix Pöttinger together with coffee retail specialist Kaffeekontor Bayern and the swiss coffee machine manufacturer Eversys.

Design: Felix Pöttinger Design

Photography: Christoph Philadelphia

The project results from observations around fully automated coffee makers in the hospitality-, worksplace- and retail sector.

The goal was to develop an integrated and user-friendly coffee solution without compromise to quality and with all of the benefits of electronic intelligence.

h4 reimagined the fully-automated coffee machines and coffee vending machines with an unter-counter system, which empowers individuals to be their own baristas. The system offers full app functionality, autonomous payment and brewing system, an open API and a custom interface design to meet the needs of coffee enthusiasts. Premium barista-quality, self-service beverages for hospitality, workplace and retail environments, fully autonomous, seamlessly intergrated and designed to optimize workflows.

The minimalist design of the tap, made of anodised aluminum, has no displays or buttons of any kind and fits easily into any interior scenario. The machine becomes redundant, a mere ghost, and it becomes about people, products and environments.

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