Wiggerl Siebzehn by Felix Pöttinger Design Studio

July 17, 2019


 Felix Pöttinger Design Studio transforms an old toystore into an crafty coffee shop in southern Germany.

„Wiggerl Siebzehn“ is a coffee and snack bar, which was built in the premises of an old toy shop in Traunstein, Germany. Handmade snacks, high-quality tea and coffee; the whole thought-through concept is dedicated to professional craftsmanship, developed together in perfect symbiosis between the client and the studio.


Design: Felix Pöttinger Design Studio

Photography: Christoph Philadelphia


The windows were extended to create light for a bright but cozy environment. The natural separation created by the floorplan allows the range of spaces to be zoned, separating bar areas from the quieter chill-out space which gives space to different needs of the customers.

In order to achieve openness and transparency, Felix Pöttinger Design Studio created an open plan layout with a centralised bar surrounded by a number of different seating areas. By doing so, the coffee shop is a welcoming space for various occasions. 

Collaborating with local craftsmen and artisans a space which combines second-hand furniture with selected contemporary pieces by Nils Holger Moormann and decorations reflecting the local nature was created. Pot plants are arranged around the carpets, making intimate living room-style seating areas. Warm, soft tones from organic materials and a modest appeal create a domestic look and feel. This approach, together with the passion that was put into developing the space, will make everyone feel home and welcoming.





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