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Amore, Italian Coffee by Vitale

Amore is a cozy coffee shop that pays homage to the Italian origin of its owners. The reform of the premises of about 80 mÇ aims to improve visibility and extend the time slot. The idea is that the establishment runs throughout the day offering a comfortable space for every moment.

Designed by Vitale

Vitale carries out a global project of interior design, branding and communication strategy. The result is a contemporary Italian soul coffee shop with a classic touch. Elegant and fun, for day and night

The decoration, the colors, the graphics and the materials are inspired by the aesthetics of the typical Italian coffee shops with the red color as a protagonist. Interior design is a balance between actuality and tradition. The velvet curtains wrap the pillars as a stage curtain, the striped walls and coatings, the ceilings recreated with moldings and large fans and the classic reminiscent mirrors are aesthetic references.

The space offers different flexible and dynamic environments with a relaxed area of low seats, an intermediate zone of tables and chairs and a small upper area of stools. The facade opens completely to the outside through a folding glass enclosure that invites to enter and becomes it into a striking bright showcase.

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