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RONDE TCM CLINIC by FAN Art & Design (a sub-brand of IAID)

The project is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) clinic situated within Chunxi Road Commercial Circle, which embodies the diversified and lively art of life in Chengdu. Based on modern people's lifestyle, Fan Art & Design well balanced commercial strategy and artistic creation in the interior design, and presented a unique spatial narrative centering on TCM, the treasure of Chinese cultural heritage.

Designed by FAN Art & Design(a sub-brand of IAID)


The cultural context of TCM was refined as the thread of the overall design, and the spirit of conforming to the law of nature and practices inherited from ancient times was closely integrated into interiors where people and herbals are the protagonists. The facade is characterized by warm pink finish and large areas of glass, which breaks through the stereotype of traditional cold tone of healthcare spaces and also shortens the distance between the brand and consumers. Stepping into the space, people will be firstly welcomed by an area which provides variety of healthy tea drinks fitting with the youth. It aims to slow down the pace of young urbanites who are struggling for a bright future and remind them to take care their health, just as RONDE's slogan goes, "You are more important than your dreams" .

Pink and refreshing green, which constitute a macaron color palette, are interspersed throughout the space. In line with an important TCM concept — "Unity of Human and Universe", the spatial interfaces, furnishings as well as decorations were integrated as a whole. Seats and backdrop walls show the imagery of mountains and water, and echo the decorative lighting fixtures with amazing geometric shapes. Besides, art installations featuring plant specimens were brought into the space, adding natural vitality to it.

The decorations deliver a feeling of affordable luxury. Leather, combined with rose-gold brushed stainless steel, generates neo-classical and exquisite spatial textures, while austere terrazzo floorings set an elegant and simplistic tone. Crystal installations enclosing plant specimens reflect and interact with light and shadows, and curtains inserted with flowers show ingenious craftsmanship. In addition, the medicinal herbs cabinet, which is the iconic equipment in TCM pharmacies, was given clear lines and stylish appearance. It is perfectly coordinated with the pendent lamps and geometric service counter, greatly presenting the fresh and vigorous charm of the brand.

Medicinal herbs are gifts from nature, and wise Chinese people turned them into treasures. In the intimate and tactile space, the designers revitalized herbs based on the trend of the times, conveyed a humanistic attitude towards life, and wished to remind people to care more about themselves.

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