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Kombinat Restaurant by ARCHPOINT

Kombinat occupies two floors in a red-brick building ofaformer silk factory, built at the beginning of the 20th century and now part of the Krasnaya Roza business quarter. It is an affordable restaurant which focuses on the Russian seafood, although the diverse menu is not limited to fish dishes only. The interior uses a lot of unobtrusive references to the marine theme. Smart zoning, which does not leave a single square meter unused, makes the restaurant expressly multifunctional. Here one can have a quick snack with one’s colleagues, friends or alone, have a business lunch or celebrate the occasion.

Designed by ARCHPOINT

Most of the ground floor is occupied by a bar lounge. The bar counter is made of pink terrazzo. Across the room from it are large panoramic windows, with built-in wooden table tops with high seating. In summer, when the windows are open, the room becomes a terrace, an extension of the street space. The wall brickwork is open. The ceiling is decorated with natural shells painted pink: this is just one of many details that creates the atmosphere of a seaside city.

Near the entrance there is a small area with tables, sofa-benches and original chairs. They were designed by the architects, like many other pieces of furniture and decor. The walls in this area are painted blue and grey. The key element here is the raw bar. The chef behind it prepares seafood for serving. The raw bar counter trim resembles a scallop shell. Above it is a circular tiered structure, with exclusive lamps in the form of floats. Red and blue neon inscriptions organically fit into the ground floor interior: wine bar, raw bar, hot fish.

A natural wood-trimmed staircase leads from the raw bar to the first floor, with more comfortable seating and two VIP rooms. As a careful reference to the loft space, the brickwork here is also left open, as are the ceilings. The lighting is technical, it brightens every table and every zone with warm light beams. The aquamarine colour is used to highlight individual elements of the interior, such as wine cabinets. Clear zoning divides the single space into five areas. The first floor hall has a stone and stainless steel table with a built-in wine cooler, where one can taste drinks and dishes without being disturbed by other visitors. After the entrance hall is a room with sofas. The marine images here are fish-shaped installations in window niches, veneered sconces and chandeliers resembling underwater vegetation, separate tables painted in bright blue colour, as well as natural wood floor covering. These decorations create the feeling of standing on a ship deck.

The waiters' station curves around the first room and flows into the second, visually separated by low glass partitions and the floor lowered by several dozen centimetres. Because of the building design, the windows here are wider and higher. The room has different furniture: the tables are not check-patterned, but round, with marble tops; the sofas are not dark grey textile-covered with roller-backs, but brown leather with elegantly curved backs; the chairs are not leather Jess Irving, but cup-shaped pink ones from high-quality plastic. The main feature of the room is an open kitchen, where the guests can observe the cooking process sitting behind the counter made of terrazzo and wood. The main restaurant kitchen, by the way, is on the ground floor and is hidden from the visitors; the staff gets there by a separate staircase.

VIP areas are located at different ends of the first-floor room. One of them is separated by a glazed partition, its coral-like pattern in marine shades repeated on the walls covered with textured plaster. This area has a table for 12 people with bright red chairs. One of the window niches is decorated with a couple of similar chairs and a small table. Three wire chandeliers instantaneously attract attention: one can easily recognize the figures of whales in them. The walls of the second, more private VIP area, hidden behind the sliding shutters, are painted in the salmon colour. It has a wooden table and leather chairs that can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people.

Whatever the reason to visit Kombinat: a quick lunch on a working day or a weekend party, visitors can always be sure that they will feel great and comfortable. The interior plays a major role here, as it creates an easy and welcoming atmosphere.

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