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PERSOLKELLY Office by ARTTA Concept Studio

ARTTA Concept Studio has designed a contemporary and minimal interior to grasp a sophisticated and professional atmosphere in the office of an international human resource company.

In the reception area, white and grey is adopted as the main color tone to give a warm and natural ambience, welcoming the guests and visitors. ARTTA Concept Studio has decided to use wooden flooring for the area as it enhances the spatial qualities by emitting light from the spot lights used on the ceiling.

In the Lounge area, the same materials and colors with touch of yellow and mint green to give a sense of vitality and talent, enhancing the interaction and communications between people.

Instead of walls and partitions, we have decided to make use of patterns on flooring and ceiling to differentiate the interior space into several areas with different levels of privacy.

Enjoying the spectacular view of Victoria Harbor, the meeting rooms with large glass partitions framed in black obtain as much natural light as possible. With white-brick wall and black and wooden furniture, each room looks like a studio - a space where personality, talent and creativity is expressed, rather than a mundane meeting room.

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