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Monoyono by RNDS

Monoyono is a gift boutique that provides a unique, comfortable, and lively shopping experience. RN Design Studio took the initiative in renewing the shop’s image starting with the flagship store located at the just newly launched The Mills Fabrica in Tsuen Wan.

Designed by RNDS

The new shops make use of light tone schemes such as light coloured wood, light grey concrete floors, and white ceilings. This is contrasted with white peg boards and wire mesh to help highlight and showcase their unique products.

The furniture with the light coloured wood veneer uses rounded edges which helps provide the customer with a warm and comfortable experience when exploring the shop. The vertical light strips help luminate the products, helping the shopper to focus on the items on display.

Since the products on sale at Monoyono have packaging that is not of a standard size, one of the design criteria is that the display shelves need to be adjustable. Additionally, the peg board and wire mesh allow the staff to adjust their hanging hooks to make the most of the space available, as well as displaying the products in an elegant fashion.

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