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Lemonade Studio by LOVA & Julia Muscheid - Alpha RKD


Starting with the slogan, we should develop the logo and the complete corporate design for the young fashion studio "LEMONADE". In addition to the very graphic elements in black and white (stripe shape), which can be found in the floor and on the walls, the color of lime was deliberately chosen, which in combination with the color blue creates an exciting contrast in the interior design.

The mirrored sales counter opens the room to all sides and it is not immediately clear to you in which corner the room begins and ends. The combination of velvet and glass, bright yellow and the black / white stripes barely avoids looking away.

The clothes rail is a striking feature of the interior. It winds across the sales room and creates a very unique look. Parallel to this, the curtain runs out, ending in the changing rooms. This entire area is separated from the rest of the room with a different floor covering, a yellow carpet, and thereby visually highlighted.

The extra molded epoxy resin floor is divided into equal black and white stripes. These are continued on the walls and in the shop window.

The concept stands out and says: "Hey - here I am!" The loud and self-confident appearance to the outside was very important to the customer and it blends well with the opposite Brandhorst Museum in the appearance of Theresienstrasse.

The logo is in 2 colors (yellow and black), whereby the black lettering carries a slight shimmer in the border of the color bright yellow. It looks like a white paper, as if the logo from behind. This effect was also implemented in the shop window to the street. The graphic stretches from the business card to the bag with the tissue paper.

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