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Land for Poggi Ugo Milan Design Week by Masquespacio

Land is a site-specific installation that celebrates 100 years of one of the italian most important and ancient furnaces: Poggi Ugo. The project, curated by Valentina Guidi Ottobri, wants to suggest new aesthetics visions related to Terracotta and it’s showcased, during the Fuori Salone 2019, on the terrace of Strategic Footprints. The agency has been hosting several special projects from the past 4 years, of independent brands carefully selected by Martina Gamboni . In a dialogue of mutual inspiration between past and present, the mission for the project, that has been entrusted to the Spanish studio “Masquespacio” of Ana Milena Hernandéz Palacios and Christophe Penasse, is to work on the idea of travel as revelation. A journey to fall back into the “Land”( Italian “Terra” which means “earth soil” used to produce “Terracotta”) and its natural essence, as a lush and peaceful oasis.

Designed by Masquespacio

The meeting between design and material, aims to stimulate a reflection about the spaces that characterize the private sphere; in particular the interiors that animate our daily life and the multiple possibilities of live and interpret them.

The Terracotta is used in a synthesis between nature and artifice, with a collection of 17 new works. A survey on physical and cultural geographies changes and on the landscape transformation of the contemporary world. A landscape like a living book of innumerable metamorphoses, a dream in search of exotic countries, in a continuous rebirth of warm human colours. A theater of bodies and elements, among archaic symbols, city metal sheets and fragrant elixirs.

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