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‘Innovation by Nature', the Kubrickian concept of HoneyGreen+ By CuldeSacTM Custom

Inspired by the aesthetics and futuristic universe of the iconic white corridor of the Discovery 1 starship in Stanley Kubrick's acclaimed feature film '2001: A Space Odyssey’, Innovation by Nature is the first project to emerge from the work between HoneyGreen+ and the Valencian design studio CuldeSacTM Custom.

With the DNA of the brand as a starting point, a design full of concepts and ideas emerges to enhance the corporate identity of HoneyGreen+ in a clear and powerful way. Innovation by Nature introduces innovation into the universe of honey and positions the firm as a pioneer and explorer of a future of health, wellness and quality of life.

In this first work for the brand, the CuldeSacTM Custom creative team has based its work on two levels. The first one talks about the design of the product presentation pack, the relationship between the customer and honey and the way they get to know each other and interact.

A capsule to highlight the nuances and differences between the different types of honey. Capsules that emphasise textures, colours, densities and, at the same time, the brand's constant commitment to anticipate the healthiest alternatives.

Two methacrylate blocks, sealed internally with an O-ring and closed with a visible screw that evidences the concept of the hermetic seal. The honey volume of each capsule is at 90% of its capacity, thus generating the concept of vacuum through an internal bubble. Its movement, derived from the manipulation of the product, expresses the properties of each type of honey (its density, its color, its transparency, etc.).

The second level works on the idea of transferring the concept of the capsule into space, generating personalised flightboxes that evoke the aesthetics of a backlit technological briefcase, through which all these capsules become a large honey lamp. By opening and closing the doors of these 2-metre-high crates, a play of light emerges to elevate the design supports and to place them with greater power in the universe of innovation.


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