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Gazing House by RZLBD

The house gazes at the street and the neighbourhood through the eyes of the two symmetrical windows, punctured on the mass cantilevered above the main floor, which resembles a face sneaking forward. Located at the Scarborough Junction, in the east end of Toronto, it was created respecting the narrow site, the restrictive budget, and all the speculations. Despite all these limitations, the house is like a curious creature; it contaminates its surrounding, made of typical Torontonian infill houses, with livelihood and inspires the possibility of design which belongs to everyone and everywhere.

Architect: RZLBD / Atelier Reza Aliabadi

Architectural Photography: Borzu Talaie

The Gazing House originates from the two squares divided by the central circulation axis. This abstract formal system establishes a sense of order which unifies all the interior spaces into one, while within the same two squares, various room configurations can be made to accommodate the need of each floor. The central staircase organizes the programs binarily throughout all floors, being a transitional point not only vertical but also horizontal. This circulation space holds all the parts together as one body and soul and lets one experience the entirety of the house most directly.