BOOSTA office by Neevroremont

This is not the first office we are developing for Boosta. In 2017, the team expanded significantly and the guys were puzzled by the search for a new location. This process took about a year. And so, in the spring of 2018 the corresponding premises were found.

Designed by Neevroremont

The office is located in the city center and occupies a total of 1,500 square meters on the 7th and 8th floors of the business center. Design lasted no more than a month, as employees needed to move urgently. Therefore, first they made the main technical documentation: planning solution, electricians and plumbers plans. Then they proceeded to construction and the design was thought through already in the process of dismantling. Repairs were done in stages, first one floor, then the second, so that people could work in parallel in the already finished room.

The building is not new and, of course, it had to remove a lot of remnants of the past, to get rid of suspended ceilings, tons of drywall and metal-plastic partitions. We opened the communication and, thanks to this, the height of the ceilings in the placement is 4.5 meters. It was possible to completely avoid working rooms without windows, even in the meeting rooms they let in natural light. We paid maximum attention to the ventilation system and high-quality lighting for productive work.

The office is designed for 240 employees. It has a huge kitchen-dining room, several coffee-points, several individual cabinets for managers, 12 meeting rooms, several skype-rooms, a large reception area with an instagram-area, surreal toilets. As well as a large hub (a multifunctional space, an essential attribute of a company’s activity-rich life) for hosting various meetings, lectures, presentations: a transformer room with good sound insulation for 60 seats with projectors and backup screens. Adaptability of the room makes it possible to use it as widely as possible: so we installed the dynamic partition and divided the HUB into 2 full-fledged conference rooms with a capacity of up to 30 people with the ability to sit at the tables, after that - in 15 minutes we transformed into a large lecture hall, and a little later - folded all the furniture in the corner of the room and prepared a platform for a children's holiday.

The color scheme is dictated by the company's corporate style, the dominant red color on a neutral background. But we also decided to bring muted blue accents. Otherwise, everything is in the style of “Neevroremont”: the most linear and clear layout, no imitations, 3 sheets of customer's wishes are taken into account

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