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Albertini Atelier by Più Store

A Concept Store for that special day: it’s possible in Verona

Albertini Atelier is a Concept Store entirely for future brides, from the choice of a dress to other complementary products and services indispensable for a perfect wedding, made to measure.

The Concept Store is located in the historical center of Verona, on the ground floor of an elegant building from the 1600s.

The activity of the Atelier centers on the choice of a wedding gown, where the protagonists are the creations of fashion designer Maura Brandino from Turin.

Katia Albertini, the owner of the Atelier, has decided to concentrate on sartorial excellence and the vivid character of Made in Italy: ethereal, feminine dresses created with luminous lace and the finest silks. These qualities make every model the fulfillment of even the most exceptional desires.

The project by PiùStore starts with the idea of creating a path along which the future bride can have a unique, unforgettable experience.

The form of the location of over 200 square meters has facilitated and influenced this choice: the horseshoe-shaped layout turns out to be perfect for the invention of a sequence of rooms, each different from the last, enhanced by surprising moments where the future bride always plays the leading role.

The experience consists precisely of setting forth on this page, beginning to explore the sensations of the “big day” while having a chance to get close to the dreamiest creations, in a direct, “hand-on” approach.

The windows on the street clearly convey the concept behind the design of Atelier Albertini: the mannequins flanked by screens replicating the lace of the garments suggest a poetic, refined atmosphere, where the wedding gown takes center stage.

The bespoke circular screens by PiùStore are entirely made of metal, with laser-cut sheet metal perfectly assembled by skilled local artisans.

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