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Almeda by Sincro

Objective of the project

The purpose of this project was to transform an industrial space, of more than 100m2and located on a first floor, in a comfortable house for a family with two children, with spacious rooms and with the maximum amount of natural light and ventilation possible.

Designed by Sincro

Day zone

In the living room it has been created a very clear and versatile area with modular sofas that can easily move. In this way they can be moved to leave a large area to enjoy with family and friends.

In this same space we find the kitchen and the dining room. What highlights the look is an industrial but a sober touch achieved with the use of black iron plate present in several points; The wood slat separator that houses a small bar for informal meals and the predominant use of white in the kitchen that brings light, visually expands the space and combines great with the rest of the materials present in the day area.

Night zone

The day zone separates the children's bedroom area from the main bedroom in order to achieve a level of privacy suitable for all occupants.

Next to the bedroom suite we find a large bathroom. White has been used in furniture and coatings. A colour that brings elegance and that is synonymous with cleanliness. In addition, having no windows helps to reflect more the light, making a more illuminated bathroom. Highlight the laundry area which is hidden in a closet of folding doors to go unnoticed when is not in use.

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