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Le Méridien Zhongshan by BLVD International

Zhongshan, known as Heung-san in ancient time, was an isolated sea island rumored to have been an earthly heaven boasting many a celestial flower. With the endeavor and commitment of generations of great figures in the history, Zhongshan has become an agreeable city to live and a leader in commercial and cultural development nationwide. Le Méridien Zhongshan is located in Gangkou Town of Zhongshan City, with monuments, temples, modern shopping malls and verdant wetland parks all close by. As the first five-star destination of business trip in North Gate of Zhongshan urban area, the 100 meter high-rise of 24 floors is regarded as the most impressive skyline of Gangkou Town.

Design company: BLVD International

Photograph: En Xiao

BLVD always treat entrusted projects with good-will and resolution by exploring the past of the city and savor locally exclusivehuman and social cultures, the design approach perfectly aligned with “Destination Unlocked”, the brand idea of Le Méridien. The design unveils the cultural glamour of this historic town with new visions, throwing guests to the past when the city was called Heung-san. Inspired by “mountains”, it infuses fun and excitement into the hotel and arouses curiosity and a spirit of adventure with French elegance of Le Méridien.