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Xaman Tulum by Estudio Atemporal

Located in the jungle of Tulum, this space, like its sister house in Mexico City, makes a different statement than the other places around, it hides its entrance, just to bring it to the attention of those who are really looking for a different experience, keeping the line of the speakeasy.

Architecture: Estudio Atemporal

Photography: Luis Gallardo LGM Studio

In this space a succession of concrete volumes emerge from the ground to contrast with the vegetation creating a series of pavilions with a heavy material feel that at the same time can be felt light by its structure.

The project divides its program according to the modules that make up the set: two independent pavilions that function as covered areas for diners, a bathroom area hidden behind what could be a pyramid and a bar that becomes the heart of the place leaving the kitchen and other services on the back.

Through basic constructive elements: columns, slabs, straight walls, curved walls and differences in heights of these, it is possible to create a different experience in each of the pavilions, always having a contact with the materiality in its purest expression and leaving very clear the function: to protect from the sun and tropical rain.

This space generates a very particular and not so obvious experience, making it feel like the discovery of a site of ruins within the jungle, which makes us question its temporality, as if it had always been there.

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