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Al Borde's students set "Quilico's Nest" as an underground shelter for parachutist

In the university, your architecture workshop teacher would tell you: this semester you can do whatever you want, the only condition is that the final project is built on a 1: 1 scale ... What would be your project if you have the freedom to choose the typology, construction area and the economic conditioner do you put it?

Architect: Al Borde

Photograpy: JAG studio & Al Borde

The trigger that starts the workshop is not as innocent or simple as it seems, especially when the traditional academic system systematically accustoms the student to fully follow the teacher's instructions.

Within conventional education, not only in the university, but throughout the educational system, students rarely face such freedom and almost never face themselves as subjects of study.

These two factors are the key in this teaching process designed for the seventh level of the Architecture Career of the Indoamerican Technological University.

An exercise of this kind goes beyond design and construction, prepares students to discover opportunities and turn them into reality. To date, in five semesters, through the Al Borde UTI Workshop, one hundred students have passed, sixty projects have been built in Ambato and its surroundings, all as diverse as the profiles of the students, what unites them is the thought of Take advantage of everything you have on hand and do a lot with little.

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