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RUA 141 + RAFAEL ZALC I breaking head of fittings breaks with the paradigms of white and cold clinic

​With the premise of taking advantage of each space of the commercial room and its compact 30m², the architect Mona Singal, in front of Rua 141, and the architect Rafael Zalc, needed to adapt an extensive program to receive the IC Clinic, a clinic of Dentistry: two bathrooms, reception with waiting room, service room, canopy and sterilization room.

Interior Designer: RUA 141 + RAFAEL ZALC


The concept of a dental clinic with finishes that run away from conventional and the creation of cozy and pleasant environments was made through the choices of materials such as wood, burnt cement and concrete and furniture. Furniture from Brazilian designers, designed in the 1950s, have been selected to dialogue with contemporary pieces and create a wealth of detail in the spaces.

It was demolished everything in the commercial room and remade the walls, hydraulics points, electric, wall with x-ray protection and specific points for the clinic use equipment. The project consists of a set of sliding doors and panels, a great puzzle of perfect fittings that sectorize the different uses of the clinic and create cozy environments. The service room is the one with the largest area and the large window that requires the view of the clinic.

The lighting has gained a specific lighting project, being essential for the activity developed by the professional who works in this area. The color temperature of the lamps and the position of the luminaires were well calculated according to the uses of each environment.

The IC Clínic is a project that stands out for breaking the paradigm of the colors and standard finishes of a dental clinic, for the daring in the choice of materials and furniture, making the environment more cozy and pleasant for patients.

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