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G-You Interior Design infused a house with the spirit of the humor life and minimalism

​The villa of this project, shows the Italy simplicity style with Pop element. For the client, the designer has brought the dramatic characteristics by strong colour into the house that present a humor atmosphere. The space was reconstructed by gathering parts into a whole to connect each room, creating interactivity and keeping privacy. The house is suffused with the same materials: grey stucco, natural marbles and dark wood.

Interior designer office: G-You Interior Design

The ground floor is used for dinning, living and working, the red irregular-shape armchair attracting attention. The basement is used for leisure. The sunken courtyard with green plants wall opens a new glass roof to reduce the impression of dark and wet by bring in the sunlight. Western furniture and Chinese sculpture create a wonderful moment in this space. For the bedroom, removes decoration to reserve the function, with comfortable. This house is infused with the spirit of the humor life, minimalist without boring.

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