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IONDESIGN GmbH designed German Headquarter for Tech Start-Up in Berlin

The Berlin subway is the conceptual inspiration for the German headquarter of the tech Start-Up TRIFACTA. The American Company’s new office in Berlin is full of individual character and incorporates the firm’s CI. This way, the new space becomes a corporate interior design. The open space desk area is kept in black-and-white whereas the communication areas are colorful and vibrant. Custom metal grids bring an industrial feel to the office space. Outdoor furniture is used in the interior and links it to Berlin’s public space. A huge custom wallpaper in the bistro depicts the entire map of Berlin’s subway and the signage for the meeting rooms cites subway signage.

Interior Design: IONDESIGN

Photographer: Asaf Oren

Industrial metal grids, an enormous subway map, colorful meeting rooms inspired by Berlin subway stations – TRIFACTA’s new office references the German capital which it is surrounded by.