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MACQUARIE R&D CENTRE: a Workspace Where an Orange Light Runs Through by CUN DESIGN

​Since 2016, CUN DESIGN has been trying to explore corporate workspace design in a wide range of areas, and so far has completed plenty of offices for companies involved in different fields, including games, new media, culture communication, internet, film and visual technology, real estate development, high-tech R&D, as well as cultural and creative industry, etc.

Interior design: CUN DESIGN

Photographer: Wang Ting

Based on practices in this regard, CUN DESIGN puts forward the concept of "Corporate Operation Space" and have been conducting further researches on it. As AI and intelligent machines constantly advancing and changing our life, CUN DESIGN has been seeking for cooperation with companies engaged in this field.

Learning from BMW's design idea, CUN DESIGN firstly rearranged the layout of the space. The designer made use of the unique features of the curved spaces and endowed them with the functions for conference and discussion. And at the areas with more regular shapes, we split out several offices.

At the middle of the overall space, CUN DESIGN designed an open square working area, with the office furniture arranged in a modular way, which ensured a comfortable working space for the staff. Around this square working area, the designer restructured four necessary circular passageways. Each was given other different functions. It was from this core square area that the spatial layout of the office was completed.

For the narrow spaces left, CUN DESIGN turned them into the foyer and corridors. And most importantly, the designer redesigned the circulation of entering the office. The space is enclosed and narrow at the entrance. But as going further in, it becomes more open, filled with surprises. CUN DESIGN spent lots of time thinking about the plan, with a view to letting the daylight completely fall on each staff’s working position.

​​Besides, CUN DESIGN also honored the source of the design inspiration - BMW’s electric motorcycle concept. The entire space features textures similar to that of mechanical design works, with translucent glass, gray metals, stainless steel and plastics, very modern.

At last, the designer integrated the orange light that I love the most into the space. Its position was not identified through careful calculation. It starts from the entrance, leads to all areas and runs through the whole space freely, creating a free atmosphere in the office.

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