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Shinsen Fish Market Facelift by FLAT12x in Bangkok

Ocean blue folding ceiling and lengthy canopy made from mirrored aluminium creates underwater atmosphere adding a new face for the old fish market by acknowledging customers the brand identity through this new experience of architecture and interior design.

Design company: FLAT12x Co., Ltd.

Design team: Julsamano Bhongsatiern, Pasda Sophon, Chakrit Sripradup, Kaewmanee Kaewsodsree

Photography: Chaovarith Poonphol

Shinsen Fish Market is the fish market located in Bangkok, Thailand. In order to celebrate its 3rd year run, the restaurant is needed improvement functionally and aesthetically. The new lengthy cantilevered roof hung from the existing building helps to lead customers the way from drop off to the new main entrance that connecting folding ceiling merges old building with new pattern and materials as a piece of art installed to freshen up the whole project.​

Emphasising the market as a seafood hub of the city, mirrored aluminium ceiling enhances the relationship between the market and surroundings through its reflection, interconnecting the city, the buildings, the streets and the other restaurants. Main entrance is re-bordered by quadrangle of frameless windows to blur the boundary between floor and ceiling in order to highlight new circular mosaic flooring and large waved ceiling, creating new underwater atmospheric experience.

​​​The old toilets are also revived by some enjoyment from new half-and-half finished materials, from terrazzo tile to white painted on concrete wall, while old toilet partitions are also refinished by glittering pearl and ocean blue laminates. Unwanted pipelines and exhausts are sprayed in gold creates a new line and pattern uniting all old fragments.

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