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Howard’s Gourmet by Mas Studio Limited, Hong Kong

​Antique Chinese culture is presented in a modern style. Entrance is classic lattice pattern made in steel. Massive use of gold offers a modern palatial grandeur. The layout of dining rooms surrounding a wine cellar follows the old Siheyuan concept while interior of rooms is formed with Circle and Square symbolic of Sky and Earth. Decorations are a mix and match of ancient Cosmology of the 5 elements of gold, wood, water, fire, earth with cheerful matt fabric in floral and geometric patterns.

Design is inspired by restaurant founder Mr. Howard Cai’s culinary philosophy. Classical Chinese ingredients combine Western chemistry to reconstruct and create contemporary tastes based on essential Chinese flavors. Located in the modern landmark mall WF Central overlooking China’s cultural heritage of the Forbidden City, the design is a Modern Chinese style with essential Chinese elements presented in contemporary style.

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