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JAMD ARCHITECTURE designed a Minimalist Residence with New Soul

With a signature style of minimalism both in design and life, Huang Jiexin, the designer, perfectly shows the aesthetics of “less is more” in his own residence.


Photographer: Xiao En

The apartment was designed without any superfluous adornment. The construction materials of the floor and walls are almost the same--marbles exported from France. Through delustering the marbles and making the grains visible, the original texture of marbles are preserved, making the space clean yet exquisite and expressive.

The space features a palette with beige as the major hue. Beige marbles endow the space with a minimalist, natural and elegant style. Besides, different colors were utilized in a coordinated and ingenious manner in the overall interior design. The furniture presents modern and minimalist style, while decorative logs and black furnishing articles add artistic atmosphere to the space.

Cabinets in neutral color subtly hide storage, appliance and mechanical systems, which allows continuity of these systems in major living spaces and corridors. In this way, cabinets installed in the space not only serve the function of storage but also improve spatial flexibility. What’s more, the open kitchen and the dining area together make the space look broader.

Large French windows introduce natural lights and scenery into the space, making the whole space full of sunshine. Soft and ample natural lights move around the space and stretch it, thus generating perfect proportions in the space and creating delightful visual experience.

In the bathroom, beige marbles and white ceramic sanitary products match with each other perfectly. And the brushed gold-color taps, the mirror and other intelligent accessories bring the minimalist design style to a new level.

All in all, the project not only functions as a residence but also shows a lifestyle. The minimalist-style design appears plain at the first glance, but when taking time to appreciate it, you will find it fantastic and charming.

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