TRIA ARQUITETURA brings functionality to the apartment for a young couple

Inhabited by a young couple, the 84 sqm apartment, located in Sao Paulo, needed to be ready to receive friends and be functional about the needs of the day to day. For this, TRIA Arquitetura partners, Sarah Bonanno and Marina Cardoso de Almeida, planned the following program: integrated kitchen with dining and living room, service area integrated with terrace, social bathroom, guest bedroom and the suite.

Architecture and Interiors: Tria Arquitetura

For social area, the architects opted for a dark gray porcelain because of the practicality and also to integrate the kitchen and laundry areas with the rooms. In the intimate area, they chose a wooden floor with fish scale paging to give comfort and modernity.

They also developed a slatted panel in blue lacquer that hides the suite doors, guest bedroom and social bathroom. This lacquered panel in blue is the highlight of the apartment. Designed with asymmetrical slats that camouflage the doors of the couple's suite, the guest bedroom and the social bathroom, the door handles were designed cava type that are also camouflaged by the rhythm of the asymmetrical slats.

To create an integrated and extensive social area, the architects have also integrated the terrace area into the dining / kitchen area and also the service area, before in the outdoor area. The existing frames have been removed and a single closure of the balcony has been created, bringing plenty of natural light and magnifying the ambience.

The whole cabinet was designed by the architects, such as the dining table, office bench, kitchen and bedside of the suite of the couple, this one with indirect lighting detail, bringing more cosiness to the environment.

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