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Mangrove Bay Citic Zhuhai by CCD

The Mangrove Bay Citic Zhuhai is located on the west bank of the Qianshan River in Zhuhai. It is connected to the Macau Remembrance Park in the north, the Macao River across the bank in the south, the Qianshan River in the east and the Jiangjun Mountain in the west. Secluded from the elegant city, and live a life of a recluse, highlighting the luxurious and conservative humanity. Those who choose to live here must have felt reborn and they will not be blinded by the glitter and glamour of life.

Designed by CCD

Photography by CCD, Yan Ming

The inspiration of the interior design is based on the city itself, with a modern design approach that blends space, culture and art to create an international bay area and urban luxury lifestyle.

The overall style the project features minimalist but delicate and chic design, which both satisfies the aesthetic taste of Chinese and the needs of modern urban life. The designer interprets the spatial relationship with simple lines and veneers, and uses the combination of different materials to emphasize the delicate contrast in the space and to create a classic mansion.

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury” — Coco Chanel

The definition of dream life has been elevated to a higher level. High-end house is not only concerning about the location, the size, and the material use, but also the level of comfort.

When you first entered the house, the semi-transparent entrance to the home creates a sense of layering between the virtual and the real. There is also a fireplace designed at the entrance hall. Imagine pushing the door open in the winter, and the warmth is coming over, sweeping all the cold away.

It is then followed by a public space. Through a large floor-to-ceiling glass window, there is a modern curved balcony, which provides a place to enjoy a versatile penthouse and a coastal landscape. ​

The main living room is juxtaposed by the dining room, which is made of wood veneer to create a warm feeling. The natural marble featured wall reflects the atmosphere of the space and satisfies the owner’s needs of having an inviting public space for entertaining and socializing.

The sun is shining, with the aroma of the tea, accompanied by laughter. This is just the moment for family leisure.

The design emphasizes on the sense of layering, and goes to the rare through the corridor. The guest washroom, multi-functional room and guest bedrooms are arranged in a line. The design of the space is from open to private and then to semi-open, the movement is carefully arranged. ​

When you pay attention to the details, you will find that every single element has been carefully designed – lines, angles, lighting, material, and textures are perfectly connected.

Going upstairs to the second floor, facing the two-story floor-to-ceiling glass window, and from there you will have the chance to enjoy the bustling scene of the city. The second floor is a multi-functional design particularly designed for the owners. Besides the master bedroom, there is an entertainment space designed such as wine bar and tea room.

The design of the master bedroom is a unique space totally secluded from the outside world, giving the owners a total freedom to have their private times.

Passing through the circular hall entrance, it will be the walk-in closet, the study room, and the master bedroom that are connected in a line. The reasonable and carefully designed movement line makes each functional area independent and connected. In this place, you can have your own privacy but also gathering times; romance and warmth.

Looking back at this gorgeous city of Zhuhai, there has never been absence of glitter and prosperity. However, what makes people fascinated in this place is nothing more than its tranquility and warmth. People would forget the glitter and glamour in the city, reborn and recover here to listen to the beauty of life. Mangrove Bay Citic Zhuhai, as a new benchmark for the elegant city life, would become the next classic legend.

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