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Lighthouse:Knowhow Shop’s micro-studio in Los Angeles

​Lighthouse is a micro-building designed and built like a piece of furniture. Typical details and assemblies were discarded in favor of new methods of construction from the ground up.

Designed by Knowhow Shop

Photography by Stephen Schauer

The result is a project designed to test the designer's craft in materials and their perceptions of space. From a door with no right angles, to a custom made skylight that marries traditional boatbuilding materials with details borrowed from a car sunroof, to shop fabricated and mitered SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) joined with film industry hardware.

This is not a project that the designer would have been able to hand off to a contractor to execute, so they bypassed the normal methods of architectural production, and relied on the most experimental potential of their design/build model. Lighthouse is an office for their business, a showcase of their craft, and an example of the huge potential within rethinking the way they design and build.

Sources from Knowhow Shop

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