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Time More Coffee by Robot 3 Studio

Time More cafe is the best original hand-washed coffee appliance brand in the country and offers high-quality hand-washed coffee. This is an original hand-made coffee maker and boutique coffee experience shop located in Shanghai.

Design & Photos by Robot 3 Studio

We understand this store as a world about "time". Coffee beans are alive, making, grinding, extracting, and every step of a cup of coffee requires patience and concentration. It is also a quiet world. Time is quietly flowing here. The components of this world are mainly wood, the life that condenses into time. A metal curved display frame is drawn across the right wall. The space is always developed in a binary way, moving and static, just and soft, inside and outside, positive and negative. This gives the entire space a certain tension.

Thought can make people travel through space to a wider world. Time More!

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