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Argentona apartment by YLAB Arquitectos

The project consist of the remodel of an apartment located in an old building in Barcelona’s Gracia district. The former 90 m2 apartment, was heavily partitioned with up to 6 rooms and gave off a dark appearance with almost no connection with the outdoor space.

Design & Photos by YLAB Arquitectos

The new owners, a Norwegian couple in love with design and with the city of Barcelona, had understood the potential of its sunny inner courtyard covered with ivy vines, and chose to buy it as their holiday residence. They wanted to transform it in a bright and open space and create a semi-exterior garden to overcome the lack of an outdoor space.

YLAB Arquitectos proposed a concept that frees up the space through important structural changes, opening the façade to the inner courtyard and recovering the historical gallery to revamp it as a gallery- garden.