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CASA PARRA by rubial sanchez

The transformation of this house in the center of Madrid is based on a radical premise: concentrate all the fixed elements of the house (kitchen, bathroom, storage ...) in a central server core, liberating the perimeter to create a flexible and fluid living space.

Architect rubial·sanchez

For this, a wooden box of 2.25 meters in height is built, which allows the complete view of the original wooden beams and the expansion of the spatial perception of the whole house.

For the construction of this box, we use processed wood materials: white melamine faced gray colored MDF boards in panels and exterior core doors, and birch plywood, white melamine faced and natural varnished finish, in the utility core and interior areas. The walls and interior pavements of the core are solved with ceramic tiles and colour grout.

On the outside of the box, an industrial oak water-varnished flooring is installed, combined with walls, furniture and carpentry lacquered in white.

In this way, we have transformed a small house in the center of Madrid into a fluid and flexible space where a single central core constructs the whole house.

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