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Slashback by Stipfold

​The structure was realized through a bottom-up approach; Forms emerged after deciding how spaces with specific functionalities would be arranged in the house.

Designed by STIPFOLD

​Dense tree population in the front yard was kept intact and for the purpose of eliminating the distraction from the residence's harmonious blend with nature, the parking spot is allocated in the back side of the building. ​

​As they are paneled with the same material, the wooden terraces almost seem to be growing into walls. In contrast to the first floor, the second floor modules are arranged at different angles and are covered with black metal sheets. They also accommodate large outdoor spaces for relaxation and interaction with nature. The glass doors of the second floor blocks stand in the corners of each bedroom, facing the city.

The large mid section of the first floor is see-through all the way to the opposite end of the entrance. The idea behind it was to minimize the border between outdoor and indoor concepts. The narrow open room dwells in the backside of the area. This is a 'thinking space', where one can 'take a walk on water'. The presence of water is significant to the residents, as it spreads refreshing and organic feel in the space. The long indoor pool, stretched alongside the windows facing the front yard, lead to the gym.

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