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​New Ethiopian restaurant in the heart of Poble Sec, Barcelona. Our mission was to transport Ethiopian culture in an elegant and respectful way, maintaining as protagonists original artisan elements.


Photography by Pablo Román

With the use of color, we accentuated the beams and columns creating a rhythm in the space. A new distribution was made and a bar was created on the front wall of the premises to create space for diners on the sides. On one side we can find an area of wooden benches and on the other side, puff cushions in the two protagonist colours.

Also we used earth, beige and burgundy colours and materials such as light wood, natural fibers and cotton and linen fabrics to create a warm atmosphere so the color of the "Mesobs" (traditional Ethiopian tables) resonate through the restaurant.

The warm lighting is a distinctive feature in the room in different materials, rope, natural fiber, golden metal and mango wood, to get an essence that is most suitable for an Ethiopian environment.

The logo was made by the studio "Onetree" and it is based on the Amaric typography from Ethiopia. The menu is printed on wood maintaining the aesthetic concept of the premises.

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