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Heer:the world’s first bench for breastfeeding in public

In the 21st century moms are encouraged to feed their babies by breastfeeding. However, it is strange that moms still commonly nurture their babies in inadequate places that are often unhygienic and unpleasantly isolated. Regarding to this issue in most cities, Prague-based design studio 52hours has created a breastfeeding bench, heer for use in public spaces, to offer comfort and privacy to mothers when breastfeeding their babies.

Design & Photos by 52hours

The bench, called heer, is an ergonomic bench that enables moms to comfortably breastfeed in public spaces - shopping malls, parks, airports, public institutions, companies and etc. It provides a small, peaceful and private space where moms can come to rest and isolate themselves from the hectic surroundings.

The seat of heer is able to rotate and tilt so moms can always keep their private space from intrusive looks.

The bench's name - heer was inspired by the answer to the question often asked by moms in public places: "Where can I breastfeed?" with "Heer" meaning "here". 52hours hope that the bench will soon be installed in different public spaces to make these places more mama-friendlier.

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