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Vivienda Bioclimática en la Marina Alta by Pepe Cabrera

The lifestyle in La Marina Alta is an exercise in reflection, introspection and respect. Bathed in the Mediterranean Coast and protected by the Montgó Natural Reserve this detached house is set apart from the adjacent houses and has a private, exclusive view.

Photos by Mayte Piera

Bioclimatic House in La Marina Alta is an architectural project by Pepe Cabrera designed for the householder but without forgetting to respect the surrounding environment.

Divided into two floors, Bioclimatic House has excellent facilities such as an indoor and an outdoor pool, a private area for vehicles, three bedrooms, the scope to maximize the space and an exceptional environment that surrounds the house.

A project focused on creating more privacy so that individual areas are set apart from the communal areas. This provides the householder the freedom to rest or have a leisure area without the need to interfere with the different activities of other family members.

The materials that have been used blend in perfectly with the pale color palette enabling the householder to have a timeless space. These materials are also used in the courtyard and internally to shape the stairs and the windows, especially on the upper floor. In addition, the use of materials such as thermal insulation clay bricks and ventilation with recirculation allows for healthy airwaves inside the house.​

This property also adapts itself to the change of seasons, so that Bioclimatic House in La Marina Alta can be considered as a house for the whole year; open to the sea breeze during summertime and protected from the hard winter wind.

From the outside you can see that this house is divided into two floors making reference to traditional Mediterranean architecture thanks to the use of simple lines and locally sourced materials.

The stone, present in the house, generates continuity between the slope of the plot and the “box-container” of the upper floor. The use of white architecture effectively demonstrates both levels and the layout is highlighted by large, bay windows.

This blend between traditional architecture, typical of the area, that has its origin in ancient vineyards later orange groves, with the stone of the area being used for the construction following a design that conforms to the regulations while at the same time acquiring the essence of the original design of the house.

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