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JHP's GROM Gelato Flagship in London

Turin-based Gelato brand GROM has opened a Flagship store on London’s Piccadilly. JHP have been working with GROM developing a new Flagship concept that fully expresses the brand's variety and provenance all the way back to their own organic farms in the Tuscan countryside. The opening follows new Flagships in Milan and Turin, also designed by JHP.

Designed by JHP

Situated in a sophisticated Edwardian stone building, the large square space hosts an attention-grabbing 360-degree circular gelato counter which is home to an array of delicious flavours, running from classics to seasonally changing favorites of the month.

With 100% natural ingredients, GROM’s gelati, granite and sorbets are made from fresh, high-quality produce, sourced from their own organic ‘Mura Mura’ farm just outside of Asti.

This is an utterly unique and extraordinary place and a must visit destination for anyone visiting Central London. Since its opening, GROM’s Piccadilly store has received global media attention as well as outstanding customer feedback.

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