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Ático en Valencia by PEPE CABRERA

Typically your holiday home or second home is outside of the city, maybe in the country. It is the place where you want to escape to, a bolt-hole perhaps.But what about if your second home was in the city and your main home was in the suburbs?

Designed by Pepe Cabrera

Photos by Maite Piera, Edición: Adrián Maroto

Ripping up the rule book, away from the usual stereotypes, The Valencian Loft is an innovation by Pepe Cabrera where your second residence is in the heart of the city. This Valencian Loft is located in the social hotspot of Valencia, an area alive with character and culture.

This property combines the needs of a suburban family who enjoy a lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of urban life but who also value the city dynamic. The basis for this development encompasses the idea of a vibrant social life. This is the central theme of the innovation, it is not only for family, it is for guests too.

Two apartments have been joined together in the construction of this loft with special attention been paid to the geometrical distribution of space circumventing the use of corridors, leaving the space divided between night and day zones by two access points.

The main access point leads to the bedrooms and the living area, while the other leads directly to the kitchen highlighting the distinction between functionality for the family and guests in your day to day life. Therefore it is possible to isolate each area depending on your needs.

"The Essence Of Valencia" is captured in regard to decoration due to the materials and textures used, but without forgetting the importance of creating a space where you can feel indoors. In this way I see the layout of the bedrooms as a game between the classic and the contemporary, showing boldness and at the same time acknowledging the history, the churches and the palaces of Valencia, generating cozy and quiet spaces while remembering the importance of light.

This area is a reflection of minimalism in terms of furniture selection and the feeling of space, even the air-conditioning is hidden, with symmetrical, discrete perforations in several walls leaving the ceilings high and free, allowing the use of a selection of impressive, high end, light fittings.

The Valencia Loft is a property designed to share with family and friends, a connected space with the exception of discreet visual and audio divisions The detail, the design and the intelligent functionality makes this second home a space perfect to share and entertain with both friends and family.

A Pepe Cabrera innovation that returns the idea of "giving a home a purpose", adapted to the needs of the owners but also paying the architectural attention to make this Valencian Loft a timeless classic, immune to changing fads and fashions.

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