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Jing Fan Shop by Golucci Interior Architects

Standing in front of the entrance and under the shadow of the tree, visitors can look through the big simple window.

Photos by Lulu Xi

Walking into the shop, there is a fan retail space, various of fans displayed on the exhibition booth. Large area of wooden decoration is simple and quiet, willing to make a backing.

Fans were displaying on exhibition booth, lots of customers were picking fans. Some of them like gentle round silk fan, some people like elegant and romantic folding fan, with the busy communication between customers and staffs.

Keep going, the most pleasant courtyard in the space is on the opposite of the cashier bar. An entire glass wall not only sprinkles natural light into the interior, but also brings the landscape view of the courtyard into the interior. Customers slow down when they pass here.

There is a long table in the middle of the inside room. It is a lovely place for drinking tea and having a conversation.

This store named 'Jing Fan', located in Beijing, concentrate on making traditional Chinese fans. This store in South Luogu Lane is not only a selling space, but also a place for refined tastes people to drinking tea and having conversations.

This fan shop designed by Golucci Interior Architects. It is a new experience for Golucci who focus on restaurant space design to create a retail store:

"When people go through the South Luogu Lane, we try to create a leisurely and relaxed space for customers --- the feeling like a person of refined tastes with a fan, a courtyard, a magnolia tree and a silent black cat 'Gege', enjoy this wonderful and cozy place."

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