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Located in Shanghai Columbia Circle, INKWOOD Restaurant & Bar is the first restaurant opened by chef Beichuan Yang. Despite his youth, Beichuan is already a well-known professional who received his training in Canada, where he worked with some of the most renowned chefs in Montreal. Having spent half of his life running through Beijing Hutongs and the other half in the kitchens of western restaurants in North America, Beichuan himself is a mixture of eastern and western cultures, and is passionate about using local ingredients to cook innovative international dishes.

Designed by Studio8

Photos by Rosu, Studio8

Studio8 was commissioned for brand visual identity, interior design and soft decoration of this new hotspot in the city’s food scene. Beichuan approached Studio8 because he was attracted by the simplicity and playfulness of the Caozitou bench that the firm designed. When he described his future restaurant to the designers Andrea and Shirley, the concept was not very clear and vivid until Beichuan decided on the name INKWOOD. “On one hand, wood represents nature and ink represents constant daily routine; on the other hand, wood represents the ingredients and ink represents the sauces that make ingredients more flavorful."