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Enjoy more with less:Nolla Cabin by Robin Falck

Finnish designer Robin Falck has created an A-frame mirrored holiday home on Vallisaari, an island near Helsinki. "Nolla cabin, was a challenge for me to design and demonstrate a way of living that has a minimal carbon footprint in every aspect." Robin Falck said.

Named Nolla after the Finnish word for zero, the mobile cabin is built with sustainable materials – local pine and plywood, which is designed to allow visitors to have a zero-emissions holiday.

"The cabin functions entirely on renewable energy and excludes most modern commodities. The cabin itself is a compact and entirely mobile 10m 2 dwelling, that can be assembled, dissembled and transported without any heavy machinery. It demonstrates a low-impact daily life, that is based on self-sufficiency and renewable solutions – thus generating minimal to no emissions." Robin Falck explained.

Nolla is a compelling space for simple living in the realm of nature. The cabin and its surroundings offer an excellent environment for a relaxing getaway from everyday life, where visitors could wind down and distance themselves from their daily routines and obligations.

One aspect that the designer wanted to bring to the design is movability. The cabin structures have been fastened together with screws, so it can be taken apart and put back together like a puzzle.

"The culture of repairing things is disappearing, and we’re quick to buy a replacement rather than fix what we already have – but that’s not a very sustainable way of living." Robin Falck has found modern-day helplessness and the inability to make things with our own hands slightly scary, so he wanted to make the cabin easily repairable and thus give it an infinite number of life cycles.

Source & Photos : Robin Falck , NESTE

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